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Brood Bitch Hall of Fame

The Brood Bitch Hall of Fame is awarded to a bitch that has produced 3 or more AKC Championships. The bitch does not need to be a champion nor be alive when the award is given. This award is given to USNMC Members who is the owner of record the year the award is achieved.

Brood Bitch Hall of Fame Recipients
Ironstone Andiama;   Owner: Dr. Sherilyn Allen
Ironstone Opelika;   Owner: Janet Hospodar
Vanguard's Alana;   Gonnie Schaffer
Stoneybrook's Magdelena; Owner: Frank Podgorski

Carpe Diem’s Capri;   Owner: Sue Ludemann
CH Ironwood Sophie’s Choice;   Owner: James R. Deppen

CH Flavia Del Feudo Nisseno;   Owner: James R. Deppen
Donna Della Stradone Vesuviano;   Owner: Thierry & Jenny Paratore
Ironstone Zinfandel Blue;   Owner: Dr. Sherilyn Allen
TDY Chang’s Katarina;   Owner: Bill & Anita Goetz
CH Gonfiezza Mercedes;   Owner: Thierry Paratore
CH Nirvana Del Castellaccio;   Owner: Joe & Lisa Cinciripini
CH Contessa Del Gheno;   Owner: Bill & Anne Goetz
CH Jolie Della Vecchia Roma;   Owner: Dr. Janice Wolf

CH Otella Brutella;   Owner: Anthony Gurrola
GCH CH Delgendo Bellators Ileana of Otella CGCA;   Owner: Sherry Deans
CH Cowlane Throw Me Something Mister;   Owner: Alaina Pierret

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