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Mastinari Hall of Fame

The Mastinari Hall of Fame was created in 2006 to recognize club members who, in the eyes of their peers, have made significant contributions to the development and furtherance of the Parent Club as an entity or to the breed within the United States. Each year club members may nominate individuals to the Board of directors for consideration of this category.

Mastinari Hall of Fame Recipients
Rene' Evans
Harry Booker
Anita Bryant
Christopher Arts
Eveanne Schiavo
Bill Welty
Charles Costello
Sharon Costello
John Slack
Sherilyn Allen, VDM
Paul Bailey
Denise Rappaport
Donna Welty
Joan Spilman
Augusto Rivolta
Barbara Rivolta
Janet Hospodar
Joe Aldret
Janet Counts
Gonnie Schaffer
Cathy DeLuca
James Deppen
Sue Ludemann
Joseph Steinfeld 
Margaret "Peggy" Wolfe


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