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The following is the USNMC Code of Ethics as voted into effect in 2001 by a membership ballot (double-blind envelope procedures.) 

The Code of Ethics reflects a philosophical statement of fundamental beliefs held by the members of the USNMC. All applicants to the club sign a copy of this statement to demonstrate that they openly share this philosophy. 

Members of the USNMC voluntarily and willingly do their best to be true to these beliefs. 


United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club


1. I will provide proper housing, food, health care, safety, training and loving environment for my dog(s).

2. I will ensure that the offspring of all of my breeding can be properly registered with the AKC. My Neapolitan Mastiff stud dogs and brood bitches will be registered before being bred and I will possess proper legal pedigree documentation for each before I breed it.


3. I will keep the Neapolitan Mastiff purebred and not condone or participate in any cross-breeding. I will not knowingly sell a dog to someone whom I believe or have reason to believe cross-breeds Neapolitan Mastiffs.


4. I recognize my own responsibility to directly qualify those who would buy and own puppies produced by my breeding. I will not sell to pet stores, department stores or to or through those who purchase with intention to resell (brokers). I will not sell litters in their entirety.


5. I will not knowingly sell to anyone suspected of using dogs for illegal/immoral purposes (i.e. drug affiliated, laboratory use, or fighting)


6. If a purchaser wishes to return any dog I have provided to them, whether or not it is of my breeding, I will honor the physical return of the dog to me rather than jeopardize its future in an unwanted home or dog pound. While I am not required to refund money, I will honor all written or verbal contracts or agreements I have made.


7. I will not breed males or females before they are physically mature and can be assessed as being worthy of being bred. I will not breed either a male or a female before they are 12 months of age. I will not breed females prior to the second heat cycle. I will not cause a female to whelp litters more than two out of three consecutive heat cycles. I will not breed a female that has already whelped five litters. I will not breed or give stud service to animals I consider unsound or pet-quality.


8. I will be honest with each buyer in my representation of each puppy and dog and of its true show or breeding potential as well as of the status of its registration paperwork.


9. I will provide each buyer of a puppy or dog from me with proper paperwork and pedigree documentation unless there is a written, signed agreement made before the sale that such paperwork is not to accompany the dog. No puppy will leave the litter before 8 weeks of age.


10. When at dog shows and other functions I will behave in a sportsman-like manner and I will dress accordingly. No dog owned or handled by me will be allowed to demonstrate aggressive behavior at show sites. I will not knowingly allow my dogs to cause damage at hotels or other facilities or on the show grounds or in other areas while at a show. I will clean up after my dog.


11. I will be knowledgeable about the Neapolitan Mastiff and the needs of my dogs. I will assist those interested in the Neapolitan Mastiff with correct information regarding basic health, safety, and welfare of the breed as well as pertaining to the club, shows, meetings, and other functions.


12. I support the Goals and Objectives of the USNMC which are:

  • a.  To support the AKC registry for the Neapolitan Mastiff;

  • b.  To maintain a standard for the Neapolitan Mastiff that reflects the standard of the country of origin;

  • c.  To provide training to judges of the Neapolitan Mastiff across the country;

  • d. To support and provide forums (shows) across the country for owners and breeders to exhibit their dogs, to have them assessed against the standard, and to achieve championships;

  • e. To act as a central source for information and education about the breed;

13. I will regard this Code of Ethics as a minimum standard of ethical behavior and I will accept no less in those with whom I do business.


14. I will work to the betterment of the club to the best of my ability and I will encourage others to do likewise.

As a member of the USNMC I realize that I represent the club and the breed.  I understand that purposeful actions in violation of this code of ethic or actions consistently contrary to the support of the club and the breed, may result in suspension or expulsion from the club according to the USNMC Constitution and Bylaws.

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