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Committees are vital to any club and the USNMC is no different! We always need help on committees and are always seeking input from members like yourself. Below are the committees currently helping to shape the club. Take a look and see where you can best lend your talents. Come with your ideas, time, and enthusiasm to serve on these committees. We all have something in common - we love this breed! Volunteers are always welcome and should contact the Chair listed for each committee. 


Membership Committee:

​Membership is key in any club and needless to say, without members there is no club. Serving on the membership committee gives you the opportunity to reach out to fellow Neapolitan Mastiff lovers and to help the club grow. Recruiting new members, making new applicants feel welcome, and providing them with support are a part of this committee's task.


​Judges and Public Education:

​The Judges and Public Education committee actively develops and compiles educational material for the AKC judging community. This committee is tasked with updating and revising the JE PowerPoint used as part of the AKC JE Seminars. Mentoring is under the scope of the committee and is done by connecting prospective judges with club approved mentors and kennel visits to ensure their education is positive and thoughtful. Coordinating AKC Meet the Breed events across the country is another aspect of this committee and is important to ensure proper education of the public about the nuances of the breed and responsible ownership.

  • Alaina Pierret (Chair)   

    • Bill Goetz                     

    • Rachel Hosking           

    • Dom Valone                 

    • Peggy Wolfe                 


Media & Public Relations Committee:

​If you have a particular interest in communication, this is the committee for you! This committee is tasked with ensuring the website is up-to-date and provides the most relevant information possible to both our membership and breed lovers seeking more information about our wonderful breed. Help is always needed when it comes to searching for articles of interest, local shows, and gatherings where Neapolitan Mastiffs will be attending, proposed anti-dog or anti-breeding legislation and more!


Specialty Committee:

The Specialty Committee is in charge of receiving applications for prospective Regional and future National Specialties. The committee ensures that specialty show chairs and subcommittees have the support and guidance needed to host the best event possible.


North Carolina Regional Specialty Subcommittee:


National Specialty Subcommittee:

  • Isis Belmont (Chair)      

    • Debbie Bouillon          

    • Charina DeFur                        

    • Rachel Hosking           

    • Neal Pierret                 

    • Jessica Stites               


Fundraising Committee:

The goal of the Fundraising Committee is to help raise funds to insure the financial viability and stability of the club. The committee is always looking for individuals with ideas and enthusiasm.

​Rescue Liaison Committee:

The Rescue Liaison Committee is responsible for outreach to the rescue community. This committee seeks out Neapolitan Mastiff breed rescues and acts as the liaison between rescue organizations and the club, determining how best to help each other with the common goal of doing what is best for the breed and the individual dogs that find themselves in rescue. 


Health Committee:

The Health Committee is in charge of general oversight with regard to current health testing that may be relevant to the breed and also to gather and share information about research projects being conducted or that may be on the horizon.


Bylaws Committee:

The bylaws are the set of rules that guide the operation and activities of the club. The Bylaws Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the club’s bylaws and ensuring they are in compliance with AKC rules per our membership as an AKC Member Club.


Breeder Education Committee:

The education of breeders is one of the most important tasks any parent club must tackle and that is what this committee is tasked with. This committee will help to educate breeders on selecting healthy breeding animals as well as proper structure and temperament. The Breeder Education Committee also has the task of developing and providing material and aid people with education on choosing the right Stud Dog or Brood Bitch, choosing the right puppy that meets the Standard, and selecting the right puppy buyer.

  • Vacant (Chair)                    We are currently looking for volunteers to chair this committee. Reach out to any board member if you are                                                                   interested. 

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