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Puppy Socialization

What happens in a very short time frame can impact your mastino for the rest of its life. Ultimately, the first few weeks of your pup arriving home will shape his learning and development! Make these weeks count by following some guidelines and using the tips at hand.

  • Take your pup everywhere- and I mean everywhere! Wife has to go get groceries? Why not bring pup along and let him see some other people? Wife goes in to get what is needed, and takes an hour. During that hour, hubby can be outside, in the parking lot showing off his new pup. Who doesn't like to show off their cute new puppy? In that hour, pup is learning quite a bit. Seeing 'normal' human interactions are very important to that developing brain.

  • Bring treats! Reward that puppy for proper behavior. When a friendly stranger approaches to pet pup, and pup reacts like most pups do, wagging and getting exited- this is a positive experience that needs to be rewarded! Pup needs to see that all strangers are not inherently 'bad'.

  • Pet stores are great places where pup can often get a few pets in and see other dogs! Again, reward the proper behavior and for improper, a firm NO usually does the trick.

  • If pup gets scared, as pups can- try and encourage him to investigate the problem. Don't reward him or her for fearful behavior. Either encourage him to investigate, or redirect his attention to something positive.

  • Park and dog parks, or places with lots of grass that dogs frequent, are not to be encouraged or used until pup has ALL of his shots. Bacteria and disease infest some of these places and you won't know the difference until pup is sick!

  • Positive introductions to neighbors and children are especially important!



What you have, or are considering, is a guard dog. In any guardian type breed, socialization is more important than ever! Think of it like this- this dog may think its 'job' is to guard me, and my family someday. How is this pup, as an adult, supposed to know what abnormal human behavior is if it wasn't properly socialized and taught what normal human behavior is? The more your pup knows, sees, and experiences, the happier and better off he will be!

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