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OCTOBER 28, 2009
Members in Attendance: Pierluigi Scalia, Heather Giallella, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann-Spruill, Joe Attaway, Heidi Brown
Absent:  Rita Biddle ( excused)

Meeting called to order at 9:13 PM EST

Agenda Items
1. Fill two vacant Board Positions
2. Paperwork for Nationals

Board Vacancies have resulted due to the recent resignations from elected board members Dan Renfrow  and Sue Luedemann. Discussion ensued on past procedures to fill vacancies, decision made to ask the following individuals to serve on board, name appearing after in (  ) are the board members who have volunteered to contact below suggested nominees:

  •  Nikki Stamper  ( Nydia Thornton )
  •  Peggy Wolfe ( Heather Giallella )
  •  Janet Hospodar  ( Heather Giallella )
  •  Mindy McElyea ( Pierluigi Scalia )
  •  Anthony Gomez ( Donna Welty)
  •  Carlos Calderon ( Joe Attaway)
  •  Kendail Gonzalez  ( Pierluigi Scalia )

Procedure to be followed:  Above nominated names must contact club secretary via email stating if they are accepting or declining nomination.  Once all are heard from, the club secretary will comprise a list for Board Members to state their vote for two names of their choice. All Board members are to email their choices to club secretary by 5 PM EST, Friday, 10/30.  Club secretary will notify board of results by Monday, Nov. 2.  (Please note that date deadlines were extended due to power failures experienced at club secretary’s home.  Board notified by Wednesday, 11/4)

2010 Nationals
Sweepstake judge, Lisa Cinciripini,  has not submitted her biography and has not responded to repeated attempts of contacting her.  Paperwork to be sent to AKC with no name for Sweeps judge and will state TBA.

Heather Giallella moved to hold the 2010 USNMC Regional Specialty and National Specialty on Thursday, May 27,  2010.  Nydia Thornton seconds the motion.  Vote taken - all ayes.

Approximate cost of airfare for judges’ - Dr. Inzoli (Italy) $800-1000.
Mrs. Gonzalez (Mexico) $550.

Dr. Scalia mentioned  possible activities for members on Saturday, May 29th may include a Malibu Excursion and a visit to the “Roman Villa of Pompei”

Board members are to review the contract sent from the Sheraton Hotel. ( Secretary will resend to all board members )  An email vote of yes or no to contract should be sent to club secretary by Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Sharon Costello moves for adjournment at 10:15 PM EST