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OCTOBER 18, 2009
In Attendance: Pierluigi Scalia, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Rita Biddle, Sue Luedemann, Nydia Thornton ( off n on ), Susan Vann Spruill

Absent: Heather Giallella, Joe Attaway, Heidi Brown

Meeting called to order at 9:11 PM EST

Minutes from September 13, 2009 accepted with corrections. Moved by Sue Luedemann, Seconded by Sharon Costello. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message: 

Dr. Scalia commented on the AR movement in California and its far reaching effects.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent included various emails concerning legislation and breeder referrals. Correspondence received: Educational information from Heather Giallella; email from Del Sur K.C. announcing their sanctioned B/OB match to be held Nov. 7; questions on the interpretation of new bylaws from Sue Luedemann; email from AKC announcing a Breeders Symposium to be held at the Univ .of PA on Nov. 7; email from Western Dog Judges Association of America announcing two seminars needing judges on breeds on March 25-28 and Sept. 16-19 of 2010; email from Peggy Wolfe stating information on Parent Club Conference; committee reports.

Treasurer’s Report
Business Checking           9/01/2009 thru 9/30/2009

Account Summary
Opening balance 9/01                            $5,203.00
Other withdrawals and service fees                44.50 -
Closing balance 9/30                                 $5,158.50

Other Withdrawals and Service Fees
Date             Amount   description
9/09              44.50     Automated debit Paypal    ECHECK
Total            $44.50

Daily Balance Summary
Dates                          Amount
9/09                          $5,158.50

Small Business High Performance Mm

Account Summary
Opening balance 9/01                                    $13,001.21
Interest paid                                                         0.53+
Closing balance 9/30                                          $13,001.74

Donna Welty moves to pay AKC fees for Judges applications for 2010 Regional and National. Nydia Thornton seconds. Vote - all ayes

Sharon moves to table the request to pay $1000.00 deposit for Sheraton Hotel ( CA )until BOD has chance to read over contract. Sue Luedemann seconds.  Board will need to read over and send email vote by October 23rd.

Outstanding Bills needing to be paid - There is a bill from Heather Welty for postage for foreign postage of last Neogram in the total of $32.00. Rita Biddle moves to pay bill. Nydia seconds. Vote - all ayes

Committee Reports
FOR OCTOBER 18, 2009 AGENDA - submitted by Cathy DeLuca via email

The Membership Committee would like to propose that the following remaining ten (10) Associate Members be grandfathered into the USNMC as FULL members PRIOR to the upcoming membership renewal period which will commence in December, 2009:

Theresa Almeida (PA)- joined 10/08 - renewed in 2009 - sponsor:  Sharon Costello
Tom Bell (PA) - joined 10/08 - renewed in 2009 - sponsor:  Dr. Sherilyn Allen
Dr. David White (OR)- joined 11/08 - renewed in 2009 - sponsor:  Lisa Cincirripini
Nancy Hansen (FL) - joined 6/09 - sponsor  Cathy DeLuca
Jim Hough (IL) - joined 2/09 [sponsor Cathy DeLuca]
Carlo Pietroniro (NJ) - joined 1/09 - sponsor:  Cathy DeLuca
Halim Poreas (TX) - joined 1/09 - sponsor:  Cathy DeLuca
Troy Stroud (MI) - joined 1/09 -  sponsor:  Peggy Wolfe
Simone Valone (NY) - joined 4/09 - sponsor:  Joseph Steinfeld
Sergey Takser (NY) - joined 6/09 - sponsor:  Thierry Paratore

Please note that these individuals have already been voted into the USNMC with one (1) sponsor.  More importantly, since the 'Associate Membership' status has been abolished pursuant to the new By-Laws, we suggest that these individuals be grandfathered into the USNMC as a goodwill gesture. In addition, we suggest that this be done as soon as possible because if we wait until the renewal period (which commences in December, 2009), we will have to customize the renewal form to conform with Associate Membership, which again, no longer exists.

We thank you for your consideration to this request.  Please inform the Membership Committee of your decision.


The Membership Committee
(Cathy DeLuca, Joseph Attaway, Sue Luedemann, Peggy Wolfe)

Brief discussion ensued. Rita Biddle moved to grandfather the remaining above “associate status” ten names to “full” member status as a goodwill gesture.  Sue Luedemann seconded.  Vote taken - all ayes. Sharon suggested names be put in Neogram.

2010 National - reported by Dr. Scalia
AKC Host Club - Mission Circuit ( refer to lengthy email sent by Dr. Scalia )
Show Chair - Mr. Adrian Sanchez ( VP of AVKC and Show Co-Chair)
Show Superintendent - for the circuit - Jack Bradshaw
Paperwork Filed
  AKC forms for foreign judge approval ( Inzoli - Gonzalez already approved for AKC)
  Show Application - in process of being sent
  20 Rooms reserved at the Lemon Tree Hotel for participants. Has a grassy area,
   Reserved rooms on ground floor.
   Single Room $62.00  Double Room $72.00
   Dogs may be crated in rooms
   Hotel wants $500 for animal occupancy from USNMC - Dr. Scalia will contact
    Hotel - individuals should be responsible for possible damage caused
    By THEIR dogs - not the club!
  Sheraton will be host hotel for Seminar, General Meeting & Banquest - hotels are
   Only a few minutes from each other.
  Banquet cost - between $40 -$50 depending on menu
  Seminar/ General Meeting at Sheraton - cost of $400 for room 8:30 AM - 5:30
   Hotel will offer a brown bag lunch - price being negotiated
  Sheration needs a deposit asap.  Not all BOD received Dr. Scalia’s email with invite from Mission Circuit, the hotel contract, National Logo, the trophy information. Club Secretary will send out to all BOD.  BOD should make motion and vote on acceptance/ refusal of Sheraton Contract by October 23rd.
Due to the fact that the club will be the show “Superintendent”other topics brought up for National:  Local help? Arm Bands? Show Secretary taking entries? Fee for steward/ Judges’ hospitality/ transportation/ lodging, ribbons, advertising.

Neogram -submitted via email by editor Heather Welty
We are in the process of pulling the Neogram together for the Fall issue. We have sold the front cover and one color ad. We are looking for someone to purchase the back cover and one color page to have our minimum of color pages filled. We have a few articles to run along with minutes and administrative stuff.
If anyone has anything to submit or knows anyone that wants to submit articles or ads, please let us know asap.

Items brought up for discussion by BOD - need 3 issues per year and we are behind schedule. Materials to be included for 2010 National will be sent to Neogram.  Rita Biddle offered her Delegate’s Report that she sent to our BOD and to her Akita Club.  She would like to fine tune the report before sending it to editor.

Health - no formal report submitted
Dr. Scalia informed us that official website of the Mastino Health Foundation is up and running.  They are in a recruiting process and need volunteers.

  Waiting for online store to be created. Also waiting for pictures of items stored at the O’Connor home.

Judges’Ed/ Public Ed
  Rita Biddle stated that Sharon Costello be named as chairperson.  Dr. Scalia restated his proposed meeting of Breed Standard Committee for January/February of 2010 when he volunteers to travel East for meeting.

Historian - reported by Donna Welty
  To date, Peggy Wolfe will be doing a written history of club, Sharon Costello will be compiling a pamphlet of the original documents, and Anthony Gomez and Donna Welty are working on a powerpoint compilation of all the Neograms and featured dogs of each year. We are trying to contact Christopher Arts for some more of his great “The Way We Were” articles.

Bylaws - reported by Donna Welty
  Donna tried to add newly revised bylaws to club website - came up with “fatal error’ and everything disappeared. They will be printed in the next Neogram.

   Status quo

NeoRescue, Inc
  Latest issue of newsletter sent to all BOD
  Fundraiser with Lord & Taylor organized by Cathy DeLuca - many of our Board have donated already!  Best wishes for a great fundraiser

Raleigh  Regional Specialty is now a Supported Entry on both days - Saturday and Sunday of the March Tar Heel Cluster
Need to fill Board Position - will have a special meeting to do so
Eukanuba?  We were to be a Supported Entry - To date no one has received any information from the AKC.

New Business


Meeting adjourned at 11:05 PM as moved by Rita Biddle

Next meeting Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 9 PM EST