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SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 2010
Treasurer’s Report
    Same as last month
    Bills to be paid: $86.39 to Pierluigi Scalia for copy work (Kinkos - $38.40) and gas ($47.99) for Breed Seminar given at the Western Judges Association. To Donna Welty - $102 Staples copies; $61.00 USPS; $27.27 Staples copies; $44.00 USPS stamps - total $234.27.
Joe Attaway moved to pay bills, Rita Biddle seconded - Vote - all ayes

Committee Reports:

Neogram - Will be in pdf format, explanation to be posted on website, Secretary will double check with webmaster in regards to members’ personal passwords. Email received from Editor - Heather Welty is resigning as editor.

Judges’ and Public Ed - Seminar at Wester Dog Judges Association in San Bernadino given -received positive comments.

NeoRescue, Inc - Request table space at the 2010 National.

2010 National - The list of Awards and certificate templates have been sent to Kim Vipond. The minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting will be sent along with agenda, attendance from 2009 and current membership list.

Old Business
1.The Board of Directors accepts Heather Gialella’s resignation as Vice- President. Rita Biddle moves to hold the position of Vice President vacant due to the upcoming election which is to occur in two months. Joe Attaway seconds the motion. Vote - all ayes
2. Four club members have contacted the Board in reference to their lateness in renewing their membership. After much discussion Donna Welty moved that the four members: Anthony Gomez, Carlos Calderon, Sam Luchene and Jan Green be allowed to renew without reapplying for this year but they will NOT be allowed to participate in this year’s election. Rita Biddle seconds. Vote taken - all ayes.

New Business
1.Rita Biddle moves to postpone the reappointment of Carlos Calderon to the USNMC BOD until the clarification of the Chattanoogna  Kennel Club Specialtys are finalized. Donna Welty seconded the motion.  Vote taken - 4 yes  1 No   Motion carried.
2.AKC Parent Conference to be held in August in Raleigh NC. Discussion held.
Donna Welty moves to have the USNMC pay the $150 registration fee for the AKC Parent Club Conference to be held this August in Raleigh, NC. Rita Biddle seconded the motion. Vote - all in favor

Susan Vann Spruill moves to adjourn at 10:40 PM EST

Next Meeting scheduled for Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 9 PM EST
In attendance: Dr. Pierluigi Scalia, Donna Welty, Joe Attaway, Rita Biddle, Nydia Thornton, and Susan Vann-Spruill
Absent: Sharon Costello ( excused - on vacation) Heidi Brown ( excused - driving to Oklahoma) and Mindy McElyea (excused - veterinary emergency)
Guests: None

Meeting called to order at 9:07 PM EST

Motion made by Joe Attaway to accept Minutes from March 21, 2010 meeting as printed. Seconded by Susan Vann-Spruill. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message: None given in the interest of keeping meeting short

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: email re: election of new members, AKC notices and communication/newsletters from AKC: letters mailed to membership re: 2010 National Information Packet; 2010 National premium emailed; 2010 Nominating Slate and Procedure mailed

Correspondence Received: Thank you letter from Dr. Penta for support donation to Judging Association

New members voted in are as follows: George Small, Jr., Remo Coppola, Jessica Gibbons and Luciano Ramos

New Member Application - 1st Reading
Rachel Hosking - LA Sponsors - Glen Pelletier
( paperwork ?), Carlos Calderon