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JANUARY 11, 2009
In Attendance: Sharon Costello, Donna Welty, Irene O’Connor, Rita Biddle, Kendail Gonzales, Jennifer Groves, Nikki Stamper, Shani Stewart Robbins, Nydia Thornton, Cathy DeLuca

Absent: Ingrid Fortunato

Meeting called to order at 9:04 PM EST

Minutes from December 14, 2008 moved to be accepted as printed by Nikki Stamper, seconded by Irene O’Connor. All ayes.  Nikki moves to accept minutes from November 9, 2008 meeting that were previously moved for acceptance via emails. Irene O’Connor seconds. All ayes.

President’s Message: none

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: various emails re: legislation , information on breed requests, request for motion to accept minutes from November 9, 2008 BOD minutes.  Correspondence received: email from Tiffany Pethal requesting information on handling/kennel help; board vote on new members; board vote on acceptance of November minutes as printed. Congratulation to new USNMC associate members Carlo Pietroniro (NJ) and Halim Porras (TX)

Membership Applications - 2nd Printing
Troy Stroud  MI Associate Sponsor - Peggy Wolfe
Jim Hough IL Associate Sponsor - Cathy DeLuca
Lena Moles TX Full Sponsors - Heather Welty, Cathy DeLuca

Treasurer’s Report:

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Treasurer’s Report
Irene O’Connor



NeoGram Ads $205.00 $205.00
USNMC Rescue 15.00 220.00
Membership Dues 105.19 325.19
USNMC Stores 135.45 460.64
Balance Adjustment (NSF) 7.50 7.50
TOTAL RECEIPTS   $  468.14

USNMC Monthly Website Fee ($44.50 month) $44.50 $44.50
USNMC Store Paypal Exp.  4.45 48.95
2ND Installment 2009 Annual Banquet  467.71  516.66

Account Acct. Balance TOTAL
General Account $10,369.95
National Specialty Account 6,478.05
USNMC Rescue Account   7,201.49
SUBTOTAL   $24,049.49

Putnam Fund (USNMC Rescue) $3,978.33

TOTAL   $28,027.82

$635.00 should be line item for donations for Rescue as specified on membership renewals

Bill presented to be paid to Heather Welty for $57.67 (ink, mailings )
Shani Stewart-Robbins moves to pay bill. Donna Welty seconds. All ayes.


Website - Co-chairs Sharon Costello, Donna Welty
Information posted on 2009 National by Jennifer Groves & Cathy DeLuca
Donna Welty noted memory clarification for monthly website charge. Will email Karl Groves for clarification

- editor Heather Welty
The Neogram is at the printers.  I viewed the proof on Friday and am in the process of lightening all the black and white pages to send back to them on Monday.  Their machines are printing them darker then our old printers so the adjustment process is taking some getting used to and unlike our last printer they will not try and lighten them themselves. They gave me an invoice on the Neogram that they would like paid in full before they mail it out (unlike the other printer where we paid postage ahead of time and the rest we were invoiced for) and the invoice they gave me is WAY more then the quote we received from them before.   The invoice is $805.59 for printing  (with tax it is $861.98) then $200 for mailing and $241.60 for postage for a grand total of $1303.58.  NOT including international mailing which I have not gotten a response on if they can do it or how much it will cost despite having asked four times now.  Our quote from them was $550 for printing and $290 for mailing.  The Neogram they quoted was a few less pages - but I have asked for clarification and will follow up on Monday.  Our last issue from Good Impressions was $948.36 for printing and $163.48 for mailing....for a total of $1,178.23.  This does not save us money!  I am also questioning the weight of the paper they printed it on.  Before we were printing the covers on 100# paper and the rest on 60# paper.  They are printing the entire issue including cover on 70# paper.  I asked if the proof was the weight paper they were planning on printing on and they said yes that it would cost less in postage.  I have no problem trying it out but I have had the proof copy for two days and the color is scratching off...so I am finding out if they have a varnish they are planning on using.  Not sure why they are having such a problem since we quoted off an actual copy that they still have - it was under the proof when I went.  They also are very slow in getting back to me on anything.  I have to email and call them two to three times over a period of days before I get an answer.  If they do not improve greatly over the next couple of days I do not suggest we use them again.  I will be looking into other printers again.

When I get an answer on what the price is going to be and why it is so much more than our quote I will contact Irene for a check to pay the printers. This issue needs to go out this week.

I enclosed our last invoice from Good Impressions and the estimate on this issue from Lamb Printing.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather D. Welty

Fundraising - Chairperson Nydia Thornton
Some items have been listed on our website and UGM.Recently sold original art work three Neo plates for $45.00 each.  Additional items to be auctioned at National Awards Dinner have been secured by Sharon Costello. Anyone wishing to donate an item for auction contact  Nydia or Sharon.

Judges’ and Public  Education -  Chairperson Jim Deppen
No formal report submitted. Sharon Costello had been in contact with Jim Deppen.  Committee had request to do breed seminar by Wally Pede in Louisville, KY. Discussion occurred. Shani Stewart-Robbins moved not to pursue due to lack of contact from those directly involved. Jennifer Groves  seconded. Vote - all ayes.  Breed seminar will be given at Boardwalk Kennel Club on Friday, January 30, 2009 and on Friday, March 20, 2009 at the New Brunswick Kennel Club Point Show Weekend in conjunction with our 2009 National.

Health - Chairperson Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
No formal report submitted.  This committee does submit articles to Neogram on a timely schedule. Ms. Costello gave us additional information on a Molosser Show that Dr. Scalia is in the process of planning for next year with a Cane Corso Club in Texas.  They are planning on having an Italian judge.  Ms. Costello instructed Dr. Scalia to send in a proposal to the USNMC asap.

2009 National - Co chairs - Jennifer Groves, Cathy DeLuca
To date only ONE response has been received concerning Awards.  Marjorie Martorella has been in contact with USNMC. The premium was presented to us for proofreading, member addresses have been forwarded to Jim Rau Show Superintendents for premium mailings. Marjorie suggests that a club member pick up Palazzo at airport. She also suggested that club take Palazzo to NYC for a sight-seeing day.

Need to check with Ms. Martorella to see if confirmation letter and room conformations have been made for Mr. Palazzo and Mr. Mager.  Will be contacting Jamie at Dogs.Com. Waiting for artwork for logo.

Legislation - Chairperson - Rita Biddle
Gave information on HSUS Lobby Days, PETA asking USA Network NOT to broadcast Westminster (same tactic as used at Crufts). Rita will send her AKC Delegate Report that she sends to her Akita club to BOD. Various emails sent by Donna Welty.

Historian - Chairperson Donna Welty
No report

Ethics - Chairperson Shani Stewart-Robbins
No report

Membership - Chairperson Cathy DeLuca
Membership renewal letters and revised Code of Ethics have been sent out to Club members. Donna Welty asked if Cathy had received any feedback on revised Code of Ethics.  Cathy stated that no one had commented as yet.

Bylaws - Chair ??
No report. Still waiting to hear from AKC on revisions sent in November.  Donna Welty noted that recently AKC sent out email regarding that all clubs. Should refer to AKC’s Sportman’s Code of Ethics.

Local Clubs - Chairperson Irene O’Connor
No report.  Sharon Costello mentioned that Carlos Calderon is reported to be forming a club in his area.

Procedure Revisions - Chairperson - Donna Welty
No report as Chair has not received printed copies of existing manual from Irene O’Connor.  Irene informed Donna that she had made copies and had mailed them to committee members.  Irene will get copy to Donna and return original to Sharon Costello.

Rescue - Chairperson Shani Stewart-Robbins
NeoRescue, Inc. has re-organized.  Shani Stewart-Robbins is new President, Cathy De Luca is now treasurer. The status of the 501C3 is status quo at this Point. The club website now has a link to NeoRescue, Inc. They have already responded to person who left message via phone call.

Update on Bylaws - see committee

Formation of Nomination Committee: One Board member who will be chair of committee is Nikki Stamper, two full members suggested names are Joe Attaway and Marsha Alexander.  Two suggested alternate names are Mindy Mc Elyea and Daniel Renfrow. Nikki will contact potential members and proceed from there.

Donna Welty will contact Committee Chairs for written reports that will be included
In this year’s Annual Meeting handouts. All reports should be submitted by March 1st.

2010 National?? Possible in Atlanta, GA in March or September ??? Waiting for proposal from Carlos Calderon.  No other offers at this time.

Next meeting Sunday, February 8, 2009 9 PM EST

Meeting adjourned at 10:38 PM EST as moved by Donna Welty.